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Waterfalls, seasonal colors, a single leaf from a Japanese maple in a garden of meticulously raked white stones, elements of Japanese traditions. Zen Seiatsu is another tradition we provide to fulfill modern society's yearning for restoring health.
The comprehensive ZenSpa package includes instruction in the five essential treatments that are essential for a healthy life. ZenSpa provides a solution for re-attuning your mind and body to a healthy balance in the modern, rushed world of today. It combines the wealth of history and traditions that embody Japan, such as impeccable hospitality, the calming "pace" of Zen, the joy of eating nature's bounties from carefully selected and aesthetically poetic pottery, the natural peace of nature—or the rich slumber that follows careful, precise treatment.

ZenSpa Takefue
TEL (Direct): 0967-48-8708
Reception open until 22:30
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